The UnExplainable Billy Eli

Singer-Songwriter Billy Eli

I’ve got a few lines in my face and a permanent trucker’s tan on my left arm. I’ve worn out more tires, alternators, and seat covers than I can count driving around the country playing for folks.  I can do almost every bar trick ever invented, thanks to endless hours spent waiting for night to roll around so I can get up on stage and do my trick.  I’ve got a few divorce decrees, some support orders, a few police reports tucked away, and even a file in an FBI building somewhere.  I’ve ridden a mule in the Arizona desert and gotten lost in the subway in New York City.  I’ve eaten everything from a week old burrito from the Alsups to a steak in a penthouse restaurant with real linen napkins.  And my lifetime social security earnings report is about as big as a convenience store receipt, all due to my steadfast refusal to get a real job. 

Now, let’s play some music.